Integrated Services

Customized services upon your need . Care service is the first in this field in Egypt offering total solution for its clients. We have skilled experienced workers and supervisors in the following fields :

  • - Facility Maintenance
  • - Vehicle Maintenance
  • - Laundry
  • - Fire Fighters
  • - Security Guards-
  • - Drivers, Utility Maintenance
  • - Administration Staff
  • - Secretarial Services
  • - Accountants
  • - General Labouring


The Company presented the best technical and financial offers to manage the garages, for the first time in Egypt. This sector realized a great success in the management, maintenance, security and cleanliness of these garages. Opera Garage, the largest multi-storey garage in Egypt, is still run by this sector. It has concluded several contracts with parking areas and hotel garages. // End Description


We offer catering services to work camps, clubs, touristic restaurants, companies and many others, as well as manage and operate cafeterias and buffers. Our products and services satisfy international standards, which are manufactured in modern and hygienic conditions by our specialised staff under the supervision of food engineers

Operation & Maintenance

Supplying, installing and maintaining of the airports entrance gates and equipment which are manufactured under the supervision of our technicians. This division is responsible for providing several supporting jobs for more than 140 specializations and more than 750 employees working in remote areas in MFO mission in Sinai. Our list of clients includes US Company E. Systems, Holmes and Narver Co., Multi National Force & Observers (MFO) in Sinai, to provide the professional services to camps.

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